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Is 2800 dollars a good price for this???

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6 Color Two Station Micro Register Screen Printing Press *ALL EQUIPMENT HAS MINIMAL USE - PURCHASED FEBRUARY 2010*

• Sturdy aluminum construction for a durable rust free design.
• Advanced Registration Gate – Adjustable like presses 5x it's price! Hold great registration print after print!
• Off Contact and Tilt Adjustment Bracket – This allows you to set the off contact and tilt of your screen for optimal printing on almost any substrate. (see picture below)
• Heavy Duty Screen Clamp - Flat Bar for extra clamping on screen surface area! Easy tightening knobs! Another critical point is the square back to the clamp. This allows screens to sit flush against the clamp reducing the possibility of slipping registration!
• Heavy duty Gas Shocks - Makes this press super smooth and will support 23x31" frames!
• Center Bearing - Rotates more smooth than any press on the market!!
• 16x16" Neck Platen for easy shirt alignment!
Micro Registration
Print with the pros with micro registration! micro registration allows you to align high detail multi-color designs with ease and flexibility. This system allows for 1" micro movement on the X-Y axes.

Screen Exposure Unit Large 25x36" (Runs off any 15amp circuit)

8 bulb exposure unit has 240 watts of unfiltered UV power and offers half tone capabilities! This 25x36" table top unit is built of extruded aluminum and is undoubtedly one of the best units on the market. With this unit you are able to burn screens like the pros. The built in automatic timer helps prevent over exposing and gives you the ability to multi-task with an automatic shut off.

Flash Dryer w/ Stand & Casters (120V, 1575W, 13.3 amps )

16x16" 1600 Watt Infrared Element - most flash dryers use coil elements like you would see in an oven. An infrared element uses a panel with hundreds of wires flowing through it to provide consistent heat throughout the heating area. A coil element only emits heat from one coil so you have very hot spots and very cool spots which doesn't behoove a constant cure.
Rotating and Adjustable Stand.
Sturdy design with powder coated housing to prevent rust.
Locking casters.
UL certified components.
Runs off any 15amp circuit.

Pressure Washer

Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Ink Jet Printer

Ultra HD prints borderless 13" x 19" for extraordinary large-size prints, photos, displays and more.
Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit and retouch photos
Resolution: 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi

Supplies Include

Matsui ink
Enviro Haze Remover
Enviro Strip Emulsion Remover
Enviro Clean Screen Degreaser
Water Base Pro Bond Pallet Adhesive
EnviroSolv Water Based Ink Degradent
Sprayway 032 Water Based Screen Opener / Cleaner

Misc. Items Included in Package

Light Safe Yellow Bulb for use in your dark room
Wood 20x24 110 Mesh White
8.5x11" WaterProof Film
Test Square / Printing Test Pellon 14x16
Screen Tape 2" Wide Low Adhesive
Ink Goop Scoops – 10"

Instruction Manuals/DVD's
Water Based & Discharge Ink Screen Printing DVD
Screen Printing 101 Version 2.0 - Complete Instructional DVD
"How To Print Shirts for Fun and Profit" Book
Press DVD Instruction Manual
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That is an excellent price, the only problem is, there doesn't seem to be product names. But from the explanation, this is an incredible price.
well it looks copy and pasted from ryonet silkscreeningsupplies.com.
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