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iPhone Cases

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I currently purchase all of my cell phone cases through Conde but looking to make a switch since it's been getting pretty expensive. I went on Alibaba and bought a bunch of a fraction of the cost but the quality was crap.

Does anyone have any good manufacturers they work with internationally? I like using the Matte cases that Conde sales since they're very good quality. I just don't like spending 2.50-3.00 for the plastic and insert.

Thank you,
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Before buying from any supplier, whether they be local or over in China, we always buy a small sample quantity to see what the product is like before putting in a proper order. This is normal practice, and I'd be wary of any supplier not confident in their product enough to sell or give away sample quantities. Don't give up on Chinese suppliers, as that is where Conde will be getting theirs from too - it just takes time to do the sampling!
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