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Ioline Crystal Press II

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I have a barely used Ioline Crystal Press II. Sold my Embroidery business and thought I would keep the Rhinestone end of it but it never came to be. I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it. I have a few extra parts and the Ioline program, which is easy to use (comes with hardware key). I can throw in some transfer tape and a few rhinestones to get you started. It also comes with 2-SS10 wheels, 1-SS6 wheel, 1-SS16 wheel and 1- SS20 wheel.
This machine can do as many colors as you want in a design. It is slower than a Cams system, but doesn't need an air compressor so alot less noisy. It seems that the Ioline gets some bad press, but read here in forums and you will find quite a few that have them and love them. Just set up the design, put in the rhinestones and let it do its thing will you do other things. I believe that they are selling new for around $7,000.00 without any extras. I am asking $4500.00. You can PM me or contact me at [email protected]. Or call me 419-356-0440, I am located in NW Ohio. Thanks
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Bump. Make any reasonable offer. Need it gone
Works Great, just retiring.
Price lowered to $3500.00
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