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Ioline and rhinestones-HELP PLEASE?

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I make dresses, I was using a company that did the stones for me they are so secretive about the type and place of purchase. I bought an Ioline and decided to do the stones myself, each dress uses anywhere from 1k-5k stones so it can be pricey. Where can I find this type of stone in bulk Bella M/C Rhinestones? Will they last? Whatever they are using stays on even in the washer. I want quality but not the price! I tried Alibaba, I am trying to go directly to a manufacturer has anyone had luck with this? I felt like 150 for samples was not a good sign but buying 1440 at a time is not going to cut it for me, I need BULK of stones! Any ideas? I dont care for what I have heard about the glue on Korean and the inconsistency in size.
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I have good luck with Colman and Company. I like the reward points too. They have 50 gross bags and I think they now have bigger bulk bags availiable too.
Here is the link to check out the website
Before you buy in balk se if you can get 25gross or 50 gross of a stone to try out. 1k-5k isnt many stones.. you always need to keep a nice supply in your bowl to make sure it picks up the stones nicely and to prevent the upside downs (at least thats what I found with mine).

Once you find a good stone, your best bet is to make a 1 time purchase of a bag (500gross) and just keep it in stock.

I'm sure someone will disagree but I've done t-shirts with the same design with economy stones (china), korean stones and MC stones and 95% of my customers couldnt tell the difference in the quality.

The Ioline brand of stones are very good and very inexpensive. I have been running them with very good results.
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I have been swamped now sick. Do you have stones turn upside down often in the Ioline? What do you do when this happens? This is something I never understood during the webinar.
I think the Ioline stones are really expensive since I need so many or I would use them they are beautiful I just need way too many to pay that much. I agree though!
I guess I have to ask how much you are paying for the other stones you are buying now? There may me cheaper, but if the machine is giving you 10 - 30% upside down stones (USD) using them, then is it really worth it? My last order of Ioline stones were priced at $149 for 500 gross for the 6 and 10ss crystal stones. That works out to .002 cents per stone. That is a bargain in my mind.

Using the 10ss crystal Ioline stones, I have had maybe 1 per 1000 USD. The 6ss is around the 1% range. I haven't used their colored stones yet, but I would expect the same good results.

Good luck
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