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invoice help for design job.

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hello guys. i have a friend that wants me to create a logo for her business. she said she would pay me and asked me to draw up an invoice for the job. ive never had to make a design that ive gotten paid for so i have no idea what to charge or what info to put in the invoice. does anyone maybe have a template i can use for the invoice? any bit of help would be appreciated. thanks.
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Pricing artwork can be tough. Remember not to short sell yourself (even to friends) and make sure there is an understanding about the artwork rights in writing (If you care) You can write the invoice a few ways. Depends on how you charge. Some people do an hourly rate, which honestly does not always work well. But for example:


your name and stuff
line items--------------------Price per unit---units----amount
1) Graphic design (per hour) $50 3 $150


Not sure if this helpful or not....
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yes very helpful celestial..thank you. i didnt know whether to charge by hour or by design. i made her 5 designs. i really dont understand how this works. do artists only make a client one design? or do they make a few for the client to pick from? if so..do they charge for each design? im guessing charging by the hour would work best when more than a few designs are made. by "line items" do you mean the artwork? thanks again celestial.
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