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Inventory: on hand-vs-web

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I am in the middle of making an inventory sheet and I got stumped. I will be selling them On a website as well as locally. I wont have a shop but some people have already asked for pre-orders. I also plan to go to different counties to promote.

Heres the situation, Let's say I have a total of 200 "shirt A" on hand. On the sheet, should I put 100 on the site inventory and 100 on hand? I figure it would be best this way cause I don't have to go back on the site inventory and keep changing how much I have.
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I don't think there is a right or wrong in this case. I have seen the master inventory and web set up as two accounts where the web buys form the master as needed. Or just keep a set of shelves stocked for the web and refil and update the web at a certain threshold. Just do what makes sense to you and tweak it as you go.
I think that you may be overthinking this here. Granted, I'm in the screenprinting business and not the retail apparel business. We typically only stock black t's because that's what we use the most of. I buy them about 2,000 at a time. When they come into the shop we size them and put them on the shelves in 12s just as they are sent. When an order comes in we go to the shelf, count out what we need and take them to the staging area. They all tend to get low at approximately the same time, then we order more.

I don't know what kind of volume you're working with but I think that I saw a number of 100 or so. At only a couple of hundred pieces why are you making inventory sheets at all? My guess is that your Time would best be spent doing something else...like finding more customers.
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