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I'm a designer and screen printer based in Southern California. I've been on the forum for a while and I just finished designing a product line for OOKINAY. I am hopeful, worried, proud, and anxious about this brand new baby!

My background is in digital art and I spent about five years as a 3D artist and animator in videogames and more than ten as a visual fx artist for motion pictures and TV. I am no longer working for studios and am embracing the entrepreneurial roller coaster. My strengths right now are in design and production. Marketing and sales are areas I need to work on and play catch up, fast.

I like coming to this forum to ask for help and give it when I can. I'm a firm believer in helping others, because I've received so much of it along my way, I owe to return a lot of it back. Also, some of us may be competitors, but that doesn't make us enemies. In fact, I believe the best people to talk to in hard times are the ones who wear the same shoes as you.

So hello forum! Please contact me anytime with criticism, notes, opportunities, etc...
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