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Hello everyone! My name’s Amanda; my husband’s active duty Navy (although he’s aircrew and hasn’t ever stepped foot on a ship 😂) and we have 3 kids (6, 9, & 13).

I’m in the process of starting my own store (via online website) in which I plan to sell a variety of items either designed by myself and/or personalized/customized by the customer themselves.

I got this whole ‘t-shirt business’ idea after designing monthly baby onsie sets for my girlfriends & female family members for the last year or so. I started posting pictures of the different sets as I completed them and before I knew it, I was getting messages from people I don’t know asking about my onsie sets, pricing, etc.. I’ve since branched out a little and began making family shirt sets, big/little brother & sister shirts, event shirts, etc..

I can’t wait to use this forum and I hope I can get lots of awesome advice & help when needed 🙂

Thanks in Advance 💜
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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