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I am new to this forum but have been doing t-shirts for several years. I do sublimation, am not wanting to do screen printing, as it looks too complicated. I live in the center of Montana and have a website:

I am a full time 911 dispatcher, single grandmother raising 2 of my grandkids, while taking care of my mother. I have a busy plate. I found this forum, by looking for a heat transfer paper capable of printing on dark Hoodies, so I am looking for a stretch transfer product, plus capable of printing on black. I run a small business, so don't need a whole passle of papers.

I've not had a chance to read through the old posts, but am glad to see a few sublimation people here.
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HI Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the forum.
I went to the control panel and hopefully, my signature will display my website.
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