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Introduction to me!

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As suggested just a little background to introduce myself as I'm new here....

I'm a tattoo artist based in Somerset, UK. I am in the process of moving to a new, bigger studio which will provide me space to do more.

I am considering doing my own t-shirt printing, and maybe other stuff too, like mugs, hats, hoodies, etc.

I'm here looking for advice on what systems are best for my short runs, bearing in mind I need something easy to use and not too messy!!

Will welcome advice from all and I'm now going to post a question with some more specifics on it!
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I'd say the easiest and less messy process would be to purchase custom made transfers from a company and then purchase a heat press. That way all you have to do is press the t-shirts at your studio, as opposed to having to print and then transfer the shirts. This will cut down on the upfront cost, as well as, overall labor involved in creating the shirts.
Thanks. Do you know of any UK suppliers who could do that? Or if did want to print them myself, whats involved? I've done the inkjet printer method before with an iron - its it much different to that? Sorry to sound naive but....well..... I am!! Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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