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Good morning plotters,,
I'm in New Zealand and have joined after a google search on my problems with set up, found this site and it would make sense to be in touch with other plotters, problems or not.
I got a rabbit 1360 plotter due to the price of getting someone else to do my signwriting far outweighed the cost of setting myself up, and the ability of future replacements and site signs,
Never know either if a few if the locals may get some work done too.

I looked at importing a machine but decided to stay local for local support, but surprise surprise, once parcel was delivered the sales man stops answering my &@$%#* calls. :mad:

I will give him a bit more of a chance to return the calls or answer before the naming and shaming of him and his company begins, as I told him my reasons for buying in nz was for after sales support being spoken in English during business hours.

I will find the right spot to post my set up problems and get started soon hopefully.
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