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Well.. I'm goose. My wife and I decided to start our own t-shirt website and less than a month after launch its become one of my main priorities. The website is at www.uglybugclothing.com and I designed/developed it myself. (Im a web designer and graphic designer too). The site is made up of designs from various designers i know or have worked with and have submitted designs for the site.

I intend to change designs on the site ever 3-5 weeks, using spreadshirt as the supplier. This should keep visitors coming back to the site to see new and updated designs. I'm also producing a monthly newsletter for registered members (though you do not have to register to buy - as i find you get a lot of people "drop out" if this is the case).

For payment processing im using PayPal and UK Credit/Debit Card clearence via NOCHEX, though i am considering using WorldPay's Merchant Services!!!

Anyway... thats me and my site.. so hi there!
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