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Introducing Funkitee

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Hi I am a designer of 20 years and design professor for 15 (overlapping).

My 10 year old daughter had an idea to 'decorate' some T -shirts to sell to her school friends and after some discussion and enthusiasm (and amazingly no alcohol) we are a few thousand £s in the red and finally getting to printed T's 'rolling' (slowly) off our single colour press.

We are learning fast and having some fun though now we are hopeful of some financial return.

I am happy to share my design knowledge (specifically Visual Communication) and hope to learn from some of you t-shirt experts.

We have a couple of designs up at funkitee.co.uk, though currently working on the next two images in the Claude the Clown series (4 images planned) which is the style we have chosen to run under the funkitee brand.
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Go Claude. Run with it.
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