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Just a quick introductory note. Stumbled across this forum after adding our store to the directory, must say I'm impressed.

Recently opened our store where you can request your own Chinese character(s). Would love to get your thoughts?



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Hi J.T., welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

I think your site has a good layout, however I think I would add a "buy now" link (or two or three) to the "above the fold" area on your homepage.

There's a lot of good text there for the search engines to pick up on, however, a customer looking to buy might get overloaded with the text, so you might want to make that nice picture of the lady wearing one of your tees clickable, and add a few more product pictures with links to those catalog pages on the home page to help break up the text and give shoppers that know what they want a quick access to buy your cool tees.

Your shopping cart pages look like they have a lot of good information for the buyer, but they also feel a bit overloaded (with the add to cart page waaaaay at the bottom).

Since you are doing custom embroidery, you probably need to educate the customer a bit before they buy, but you may want to see if you can streamline it a little.

I also don't know if it's a good idea to put down screen printed t-shirts as "cheap". Putting that kind of negative language in your site doesn't help put positive thoughts in the customer's mind. You can get your message across about the high quality of your embroidered shirts without putting down another printing process (I don't think of screen printing as a "cheap" printing method, and neither do thousands of retail shops around the globe that sell screen printed shirts at top dollar every day :) )

I hope this helps some...you said you were looking for an "honest" review :)
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