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Forum newbie here! I'm a teacher most of the year and a crafter in my "free" time. I love making t-shirts and had only done vinyl transfers up until recently. I would love to learn more about different types of transfers and also find companies to print shirts for my school.

I found this forum after searching for info regarding some issues I had with plastisol transfers I used for school shirts.
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I found this site after searching for anajet vs epson f2100.
I would like to start a garment business. I started painting on shoes and denim jackets. can these printers print images on denim?
As regards someone to print shirts for your school other than vinyl or transfers. If you are looking at quantities of the same print, screen printing would be your less expensive choice. If you are looking for small quantities of specialized designs and lots of color in the print, DTG serves that purpose. However, the DTG cost per shirt is much more than the screen printed shirt. Screen for quantities, DTG for specialization and small quantities.
An old ex-teacher here
Welcome to the forum. What issues have you had with the transfers?
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