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Intro to Fetti

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How yall doin'....

Umm My Purpose here on this site is too obtain some knowledge on manufactoring of clothing...Cuz me & my friends are like fashion freaks...And we always see clothes thats "almost" right and its always somethin' thats not quite "there"...So we talk about starting our own company but like i said "TALK"...Cuz no one in their right mind is goin' put money into somethin' and not know what your doin' unless you got money to burn...Which we dont...

So im takin' the lead and doin' my research...So we can stop the talkin' and start planning on the "talk"...

So as much resources & knowlegde i could get we be much appreciated

Thank you
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Hi Lettaz, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

There's a lot to learn here, so just jump right in :)

A good start would be to read a few of the past topics that have already been posted, or do forum searches for keywords that you might be interested in (screen printing, manufacturing, heat press, etc).
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