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Hello Forum Godz and Board Riders, and Commoners Alike,

Just wanted to drop in to say hello and introduce myself. I've Dibbled and Dabbled in my own little T-Shirt Thingy Over and Over Again Over the Years, Had some brief success, but never really took it seriously enuff simply because I was always too busy conducting life as I knew it.
Fortunately, I still can't sleep and get it off of my mind so I guess I was meant to do something with this whole T-Shirt Thingy.......
I took a look at my rusty, old four color manual press, pulled out boxes of wooden frames, got ready to reclaim some screens, and then I heard of this thing called sublimation and DTG..????
Wow, have I been hding in some cave or what???
Now I'm really excited and I figured since I stumbled onto this place, viewed a couple of the posts, and found intelligent life here....,
I would try to be sponge-like and become a new student of an industry I never knew existed....
I'll see ya'll on the boards and thanks for existing, this will be fun...

Tom "Kamuela" Frias
"OrGaNiZeD ChaoS"
Kaneohe, Hawaii
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