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intro CS from Pure Religion

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Hi, I'm Carolyn Smith from Pure Religion.

I've been in the business four years. We offer water-based, plastisol, embroidered and pigment-based heat pressed items.

I do as little design work as possible, but am beginning to dabble more into Adobe Cloud products. I used Corel, and am satisfied with it, but I like the options of Adobe, and think I am ready to move on with it.

I DIY and substitute for a lot of my assets, tools and methods. This saves my money, gives me customizations that I want, and often produces a more suitable work environment. My best substitution was using a large dog grooming tub for a washout sink (WOW), and the best DIY, I think, that I have done was to turn a closet and a second hand sweater drying fan into a full-sized screen rack for about fifty bucks.

I look forward to improving my processes, purchases and business choices as a result of this forum.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.
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