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International Shipping

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I'm starting a clothing line and have a printer in the Philippines and need to find a way to ship them to the US for reasonable cost... How do other businesses alike do this?
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Although I'm married to a Filipina I'm not sure that I'll be much help. Whenever we ship, it's usually the opposite direction and there is a way to do that for a reasonable cost. It is called a balikbayan box. What happens is that the company fills a container with boxes and ships the container to The Philippines 3 or 4 times per year. Doing it this way, the customer can ship as much as they can fit in their 30" X 30" X 30" (I'm guessing the dimensions) box regardless of the weight for ~$60.

Now, going the other way? Well it was pretty expensive to get my MIL to ship me some kapeng barako coffee beans. But I'm sure it would be much more cost-effective to ship an entire container if you have that kind of volume. Other than that, maybe your printer does this for other clients and knows of a cheap way to do it.

Sorry for putting so little help in so many words.
Can you give info on where to do this shipping?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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