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International Registered Shipping from UK, need help please :)

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Hi there,

At the moment we'r offering free untracked domestic and international delivery on our t-shirts through Royal Mail, but we've been the victim of both unreliable postal services and dishonest buyers claiming not to have received their items.

It's been costing a fortune and is now not workable unfortunately. We've found a decent enough domestic courier but we're looking for any recommendations on international couriers who will provide tracking numbers but not drive customers away with high delivery costs.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

MAny thanks,

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Wow, I got no suggestions!

The customer service angle is obviously one upon which any online sales person is vulnerable.

Is it so bad you guys don't send abroad (international) from the UK?

We really appreciate anything our contemporaries would advise, good or bad.
Why not look at someone like DHL, for smaller orders and depending where you are there will be freight forwarding companies in the UK who can help with international shipments. I supply small scale lab equipment and my freight forwarder can delivery as little as 2kg to the middle of India with no issues. Its just finding the right people.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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