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Interchangeable Sublimation Case for iPhone 5/5s/5c

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Does anyone know where to find this exact blank case?


I'm looking for a iPhone 5/5s/5c case that can support interchangeable aluminum inserts. I've been using the Reveler bumper cases from Conde (Reveler Bumper iPhone 4 Covers - DyeTrans.com) which are great, but they don't offer them for iPhone 5 because I believe it got recalled.

I've seen Chromaluxe's Flex Frame and Unisub's Snap cases, but I don't like them because the border is far too thick. I like how the Reveler and the one from that Etsy shop focuses on the actual photo on the insert and the border isn't huge!

So if anyone knows where I can purchase the top link, that would be so fantastic!

Thank you in advanced!
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The one on etsy is printed on photo card Stock paper it seems and put in the inside of the case. The ones that conde uses is the same case but uses a metal insert but does not have a sticking back. It seems it just lays in the case then you put your phone in it top hold it in place.
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