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Re: what is the best hosting site??

I've created a website and added cubecart. Here's the problem...
I'v made links from product to cubecart for the purchase. Once they are in cubecart they have no need to return to my website. I want cubecart to be intergrated so the customer has the feel of remaining on the original website.
Could someone please take a look at my website and tell me what I can do.
Thanks much. warriorsoath.com

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After a bit of random clicking around on the page, I was able to get to the cubecart pages.

What you want to do is customize the cubecart layout on the pages here:

To match your homepage here:
(better yet, this page: http://warriorsoath.com/My_Homepage_Files/Page1.html )

Then the lifestyle, press, about, contact, etc pages would be here WITHIN cubecart: http://www.warriorsoath.com/index.php?act=viewDoc&docId=1

And instead of this separate page on your site:

It would be this cubecart page:

Which you could then customize to look pretty much exactly like the Page2.html page.

So you don't need 2 separate copies of the same page, it call all be in one and customized with your site's unique look.

If you have the HTML skills, it's just a matter of editing the cubecart template files.

If you don't have the skills, then it's just a matter of hiring a designer or cubecart guru to customize the layout to match your design.

By the way, I know it's a "work in progress", but you should definitely remove the cafepress mock up product photos/text when you launch if you aren't using cafepress to print/fulfill your shirts. They don't like it when folks use their images for "non-cafepress" purposes.

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anthony17 said:
I was hoping to avoid hiring someone, but I guess I have to do what's best for this business. Can you refer anyone that could assist me in this matter?
You might have better luck asking on the Cube Cart Forums - you could then likely find people that are specifically knwoeldge with Cube Cart itself to work with.
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