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InkSoft Offers ‘Creating Your Value’ Sales Tips Podcast With Mark Coudray The latest episode of The Big Idea podcast from InkSoft explores boosting s

The latest episode of The Big Idea podcast from InkSoft explores boosting sales by creating increased value instead of competing on price. Join host Marshall Atkinson and industry veteran and #MaxProfit 2018 guest Mark Coudray as they discuss this alternative approach to improving sales. Get a fresh take on an age-old issue and see how focusing on the lifetime versus transactional value of a customer can be a viable long-term strategy versus a temporary solution.
In addition to learning why and how to move away from the lowest-price mentality, you’ll discover the advantages of going digital. You’ll get the lowdown on Coudray’s new Catalyst Plan project for helping your shop operate in the digital economy. You’ll also find out how InkSoft can facilitate keeping customers coming back and increase their lifetime value.
Catch the Sept. 28, 2017, Big Idea “Creating Your Value” podcast at https://www.inksoft.com/sales-tips-mark-coudray-big-idea-inksoft/.

On the second and fourth Thursday of each month, “The Big Idea” shares stories and ideas from shop owners, industry experts and decorators for running a better, more profitable business. Take advantage of this direct line to a wealth of experience.
For more information, contact InkSoft at (800) 410-3048; email: [email protected] or visit the website at www.inksoft.com.


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