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So, I've used both Inksoft and Deconetwork in the last year.

My business is design driven. The customer needs to be able to find the design they want, then what products it is available on.

I left after a few months because I kept having customers email me telling me the design they wanted was not there. Somehow the site would drop my designs and design categories. I would then have to spend time re-applying my categories and designs. This got hard because everything is dumped into one pool, it is hard to separate images and impossible to tell if an image is assigned to a category. It had other issues (small displays etc). But the thing that broke the camels back was the site dropping my categories and images repeatedly. How do you sell if you have no designs on your website to sell.

So, I switched to Deconetworks. It was difficult to switch (fairly easy to set up, it's just time consuming and annoying to have to go through the process). Much better site, much better layout... I thought I could live with the quirks... but the quirks are starting to really irritate me.

My Core Problem with Deconetworks
My site is not searchable. (I take that back, my 15 products are searchable) But, I have between 2000 and 3000 designs on the website and even though the website says designs are searchable... they are not. Most of my designs are related to cities, states, countries. So if you wanted to search for New York and see all the design options? Foreget about it. You get nothing. Your only choice... go dig for it.

So, you go to a design category (I made them easy to find), and narrow it down to a region of the world (again easy to find), only to have my 100+ designs in some of the categories only to find out that the designs in the category are scrambled.

Not so bad if the average person used the search by name option. However, they don't always see it, and don't always use it.

So you would ask yourself, is there anything that Deconetworks can do about either of these? Nope. I take that back, they have been able to inform me that I already reported the issue. :) Seriously, there is no default option to just organize things alphabetically.

As for the products being searchable, apparently my site needs to be re-indexed. Something their development team will get to in the next few months or so. (after they finish development projects that take priority)


I'm not hear to bag on either company, I'm sure people have had good experiences with both of them. I have had a great experience with Deconetworks with the exception of the above listed issues. They are many fantastic things about the site and service they offer. However, something as simple and fundamental as searching should work. It has been increasingly frustrating... in the end, I really don't want to have to start over again, but I am highly considering it.

I've looked at OpenTShirt.com, I really like the look and features, but am generally very cautious of using open source software, especially for a business where I would be accepting credit cards and personal information.

Honestly, I would stick with Deconetworks if I could just get the site to be searchable... or even just alphabetized at a minimum.

My problem likely started by using their upload feature, it upload all the image sin a category. But, even when I have tried to add a single image or two, through the standard method, they are not searchable either.

Maybe someone her know of an option I am unaware of that will help me at a minimum alphabetize my designs and thereby save me from having to switch companies and deconetworks from loosing a customer???
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