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Have anyone used inkjetcarts.us cheaper $12 for a 4oz bottle of each color Pigment ink ?

Find Ink Jet Carts:Epson:SP Models (Stylus Photo):SP1400

From my understanding they says that it’s the same exact ink that inksupply.com sells for $10 ( more ) each bottle …its said that they both companys gets the ink from the same manufacturer

T-Shirt Heat Transfer InkJet Ink For Iron On and Clamshell Press Heat Transfer Papers - Inksupply.com

If so how did it hold up…wash test, to different kinds of transfer paper etc…

Are there anyone with an printer that is already in the business willing to get some and experiment …and compare it to the leading brands and inksupply.com brand

Are there anyone out there willing to try it for the sake of cheaper prices …meaning more income if it is in fact the same kind that inksupply carry or just as good or better ?
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