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Inkjet vs. Laser transfers

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Hello. I'd like to get your opinions on which creates better-looking, longer lasting photo-quality images on 100% cotton. Inkjet or Laser. I'll be transferring on dark-colored shirts.
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Ya I'd like to hear some responses too, especially on Laser the difference between fuse-oil and regular... A lot of the good laser transfer paper out there seems to be only good on really big expensive "copiers" as opposed to the desktop later printer. Help!
Mike. You could get 100 answers and 70 different opinions. So much depends on the printer, the inks (or toners), the paper, the washing methods, etc. In a nutshell, inkjet printers are less expensive but the inks are pricey. Also, there are laser papers that do not have the white background that can be used for certain type graphics. I'm sure that if you provide more details of your needs you will receive some good advice.
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I have been printing sublimated t-shirts for the past 6 years and have been very pleased with the process. However, the sublimation process doesn't work out for all customers. I am interested in looking at less expensive processes such as ink jet or laser transfer for printing on cotton shirts... or atleast less expensive in the cost of the shirt :) A bunch of questions:

a) Will I be happy with either of these (inkjet or laser transfers)?

b) Which process (inkjet or laser) is going to provide me with a level of quality close to that of sublimation?

c) how well does each of these processes hold up for brighness and durability?

d) There seem to be prices all over the place on laser printers. Is this a case of you get what you pay for? Or are there reasonable results from some of the lower price printers...and if so... which printers do you folks have good results from?

e) what other kinds of things should I be thinking about?

Thanks in advance.

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