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Inkjet transfers and HEAT press - quality of.

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hello (this forum is great btw)

I've used some ironall sheets before with moderate success. only problems I had was the sheet would slip ever so slightly sometimes with motion from the iron.

I'm thinking of purchasing a heat press as this would clearly give a more consistent press but i was wondering if inkjet transfers (pressed with a heat press) would be good enough quality to sell or would they deteriorate after a couple of washes?

Any advice welcome to a newbie like me.
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Those of us who do heat transfers professionally do use inkjet printers, some use laser printers. A lot of us use JPSS paper. I have transfers that I put on shirts several years ago and they still look good. I would never use an iron for applying transfers to sell to anyone, I've always used a heat press. The heat press provides equal heat and pressure to the entire image area. I don't know what kind of printer you have but I think most of us have Epson inkjet printers. I would suggest using good ink in your printer.
Hi, yes I have an Epson with Durabrite inks.
Then you're all set. All you need is some good quality transfer paper and a heat press. Check out the vendors on the left of this page. Most of them sell professional grade transfer paper.
JPPS is a very good paper, but there is another Soft Ink Jet Transfer Paper for light that is comparable in quality and may be less expensive,
Perma Trans SOF-T (Yellow Line).
Perma Trans IJ Dark (Blue line) is also a very good paper.
If you apply either of these transfers with a commercial heat press, the transferred images will look great and stay looking great.
Hope this helps.
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I use a heat press but mainly for screen printed transfers. I did not know of this type of paper. Thanks for the info. This will be great for smaller jobs.
Glad to help, Angie.
Let me know if you need information on where to buy PERMA TRANS SOF-T (yellow line) and PERMA TRANS INK JET DARK (blue line)
hey, can you tell us where to buy that paper ?
You can buy both Yellow Line and Blue Line at Hi-Tech Graphics.
Phone # is 714-523-0344. Please ask for Charles.
I used Clearsoft for Lights today for the first time and the prints I did look great. Used the Clearsoft with INKJETCARTS pigment ink. Shirts look great.
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