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Inkjet Paper Question Here ...

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Hi All! I really appreciate this awesome forum! I am a newbie with an Epson c88+ and a Stylus Photo 1400.


Here's my question:

Is there an inkjet transfer paper which will heatpress only the image without the clear unprinted part of the image?

"Hand trimming" seems too time consuming, or is it absolutely necessary to invest in a plotter?

This is my first post.... I hope you don't find my question silly ... TIA for any info you might provide!:)
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Most of the papers for inkjet have to be trimmed, there is one that doesn't need to be trimmed, it is called Imageclip,
but it is for laser printers. I don't like it anyway :)
You might consider investing in a cutter.
Got to agree with Marcelo
Your better off geting a cutter, it will save you time and effort, and if you have a lot of orders then its worth it`s weight in gold not to mention if you have a big order, it will enable you to get it done in time. ;)
There is no real paper that is self weeding, even the kisscut paper like all paper types, need to be trimed as close as possable to the image.
We all wait for the day when such a paper is made, and beleave me it will be a best seller :)
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Thanks for the info ... looks like the plotter method is definitely worth considering ... thanks all for your quick responses, - as alway, addition comments or suggestions are always appreciated! - Eddy :)
I agree with the above. The Jetprosofstretch paper comes close with a window that can barely be seen, depending on what shirt you use with it, but not all shirts hide the window. The Jerzees HW 5050 (29B) really does. I have a picture on here of JPSS not trimmed, but left as the rectangle, and transferred onto the shirt as is, and washed a dozen times, most in bleach.

Anyway, in the photo you can see that the window does not show. It looks just the same in person. I can't see it, and even after the wash it's not like it got lighter, with that shirt, can't see it. But who can ONLY use Jerzees?? Lol... so either you use a plotter or Imageclip, the laser for lights. There are other options, but these are the most common ones, for now. I don't use a plotter for jetprosofstretch, I just trim around the edges, because the window does not show on my Jerzees shirts, and it's fine to use with out trimming the insides of designs on my Gildans and Hanes' beefies....

here are the pics:
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