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Inkjet Cartridges? Refill Kits? Ink systems?

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I was wondering what other people prefer as far as ink cartridges, refill kits, ink systems...etc etc.

I have an HP 2533v PSC (print, scan, copy). Its a good printer but ink does cost some money.

I'm trying to decide which way to go as far as printing from my hp or going through a vendor where I can upload an image and have them do it for me.

I'm planning on using Transfer Express as my main vendor for basic styles. But I'm also offering my own designs which means I need my printer and I'll have to get ink.

Are the refill kits a good way to go? Or are the remanufactured cartridges a better option?

How about ink systems? I haven't done much research on them. Do they attach to any basic printer?

I need some advice and some recommendations to go along with it.

Thanks so much in advance!!!
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