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Hey guys.

I work in a mid-sized shop with a few manual presses and an automatic. We have an Xante FilmMaker 4, which is slowly killing itself by mangling every sheet of film or vellum we put through it (regular paper, Casey's Translucency, and Casey's Transparency... nothing is safe!). I've been idly searching for better alternatives for a while now, mostly to correct the shrinkage problems and the tendency to mangle most of my separations. I'm beginning to think that inkjet may be a better route.

We do a fair bit of traditional seps, four color process, and I'm starting to get into simulated process (slowly... I have never been taught, and no one at the shop knows how to do it). I would prefer to find a nice, versatile machine to handle all of this and print at least 13"x19", along with some concerns to temperature. Our space is currently underequipped with one AC unit, and the front of the shop will routinely reach 88 f on the worst days of summer - usually around 78 even in winter (huge windows that face the sun all day). Networking is also a must.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Most of my searching is pointing me toward Epson.
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