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I'm looking to print tee shirt transfers.I have a Epson R1800 printer and I'm going to switch to a bulk system,what I need to know is what is the ink that I should buy for my printer ? So people say Pigment Ink Some say Stublimation Ink,I really don't know which way to go.
I would also like to know what ever Ink you suggest can I akos use that Ink to print photos or would the Ink you think I should use be only for printing tranfers ? My Epson R1800 is a wonderful photo printed but if I to switch ink that doesn't work for printing photo thats fine I will buy another photo printer.
Can someone PLEASE HELP ME !!!! So I can make the right choice !!! Thanks Everyone
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Pigment ink is for heat transfers 100% cotton or 50/50. Sublimation is for 50/50 or 100% polyester and other hard imprintable item with a special coating IE mugs, tiles , license plates ect. An Epson 1800 uses pigment ink as stock so it should print decent pictures as well as heat transfers. Cobra inks is a good place to start for heat transfer ink. Sawgrass has the market for sublimation but the 1800 isnt a good choice for sublimation.
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