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Is the Veloci a POS? Hmmm I'd say not nessicarily but does have potential to be. When it runs good its GREAT but it can be picky at the worst moments. Without fail the only times my machine has given me "unfixable" problem (at least by my knowledge) is when I'm in the middle of stack of orders all due about the same time. I've had X,Y board issues I've had capping station issues and unexplainable fatal errors which shut me done for 6 weeks and made me not popular with some clients. WHEN it running smooth (65%-85% of the time) it is awesome!! Low thought about what I got to do next how long it'll take etc... BUT when it craps out it can be the most frustrating thing EVER!!! I work a day job and do the t-shirt thing by night and weekend so tech support is not always open when thing occur HOWEVER EZ's Justin Alex and Hawkeye have consistantly come through in a timely manner - most time with in 24hrs BUT like I said I work all day so most time I get to talk with them about suggested fixes and then wait until I get home to try them.

Currently have an INK STARVATION issue with my white channels only. The white craps out about 2-5 inches in to the base and very quickly fades to basicly nothing. so far I have....
1 changed ink cartridges
2 removed and cleaned Bulk ink bottles
3 flushed ink tubes
4 thoroughly cleaned capping station / around print head
5 made sure the capping station was pulling by filling with cleaning solution and pulling threw the waste ink tubes.
6 raised the ink bottles
I have officially ran out of ideas and am taking all suggestions, I really don't want to pull the head and do the whole soak / reverse draw process unless its the last resort.
Can a capping station pull and not pull? its only 3 months old!
Can the ribbon cable cause this kind of issue?
How often do the print heads need replaced? (I know they are pretty $$$$$)

thanks for any help and/or reading my rant
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