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Ink Spatula

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This may be up somewhere already on here but I thought I would throw it out there for those like me who just found these. I was at wal mart today with my wife and she was in the cake decorating section when I spotted a useful item for my screen printing setup. They had the big spatulas for $5.50 ea. I bought a handful for the shop I love these things. Just wanted to share they are made by Wilton the cake decorating company.
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Yes, we've used cake spatulas for years. I prefer the offset spatulas to the straight ones. Keeps your knuckles out of the ink when scraping the ink out of a screen. We bought ours off ebay in a lot of 15 for about $ 2.00 each.
Wow that is a great deal. I'm gonna have to look on there for some.
Do you find these to work better than those goop scoop things?
Yes, plus a whole lot cheaper. We leave a spatula in each gallon of ink... all the time.
You might want to shop your local dollar tree or .99 cents only store.. Bought some at the dollar tree :)

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Thanks Footprint I'll check em out.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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