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ink problems

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we need help with white ink not staying on the
garments we printed. Have been in business (very small) for 15 years!
Alo need to find blank Vneck men's RED t's
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Are you using plastisol ink? How are you drying it? Give us details on how you are applying it and how you cure it.

American Apparel has red v-necks.
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We are using Union ink from McLogan. printing once, flash drying and then printing second time and curing
using the same flash unit. We have a large dryer we are not able to use do to the space.

Also american apareal has "cranberry" and I need bright red (fieengine)

Thanks for your help
You must make sure the ink reaches 310 F all the way through, not just the surface.

You might want to buy an IR thermometer. Mine is an Extech, costs about $60.
It won't tell you the inside temp of the ink, but will tell you the surface temp.

Do some wash testing to determine how many second to flash 'after' the ink surface hits 310 F.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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