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I have a t-jet pro and I am having problems while printing I have to do a power cleaning every 5 shirts for the ink to stay dark and good quality this uses a lot of ink and takes up a lot of time I changed print head today thought it would solve problem but did not so now i have wasted $500 and it was not the problem Please Help please give any suggestions Thanks
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How is your humidity in your print area? Are you keeping it above 50%? this really makes a difference in the way it flows, if the air is too dry, it will cause banding and basically just bad printing. Also when you changed your printhead, did you also change your dampers? it could be buildup in them. If these things are fine, I would look at your capping station, make sure it is really clean around the seal. If none of these things work, it could be your capping station needs to be replaced. Hope this gives some idea of things to check. :)
This may sound crazy but what are damper and where are they i may be looking at them and just dont know what they are called the capping station is clean. after power cleanings are down it prints great but after 5 shirts it gets really dull
Oh haha I forgot I dont think the blazer has dampers :) it has filters on your cartridges right? Sorry the damper info wont help, they are basically filters that normally fit right on top of the printhead but I dont think your printer has them, I think your ink is filtered thru filters on your carts. I just looked on equipment zones website and it doesnt appear that you have the dampers. What kind of ink system do you have? is it a bulk system or a cart system? Also do you notice is on any certain color or is it on all colors? If it is all colors, it definately could be your capping station not sealing well.
lol lol, It started on certain colors but now it on all colors we have bulk system and it also has vertical banding with little lines when color is light. I am desperate i have so many orders to finish by friday and i have spent money in this print head and have to run the shirt 2 or 3 times to get color dark or keep doing power cleanings. hahah
I would try to call Harry at equipment zone tomorrow and see if he can help with some idea or other. He might even respond here as I know he checks here often. I would definately give him a call though, he might be able to help you. You never answered, do you know how your humidity is in the room where the printer is? This can make a major difference is the air in the printer area is too dry.
Sorry for not answering the air is humid i live in louisiana and the air is not too dry i would say more humid than anything. I thank you for all your help. do you have harry number or is it on here somewhere. if you think of anything please email me [email protected]
If you go to equipmentzone.com there is contact info on his site :) I dont have his number as I usually just get it from there if I need to call to ask a question :)
Are you sure your ink is ok? We had same problem with "bad" old ink from a dealer in CA. We had to flush all the ink out then everything just works fine.
The blue filler caps on top of your bulk ink cartridges for the Blazer Pro have breather holes in them to allow air in. The holes may be clogged and not allowing enough air in which will restrict your ink flow. Try loosening the caps and just let them sit loose on top of the cartridges. See if this helps. You might also have a problem with your dampers. The dampers are white plastic and sit right on top on your print head. Your ink lines are screwed into them and the dampers are snapped onto the print head. They are a wear item so your trouble may lay there. They are not hard to replace if needed. Try the filler caps first, however, to see if that fixes your problem. Our support techs at Equipment Zone are available to talk to you on Friday morning if you need. Our telephone number is 1-800-408-0040 or 201-797-1504.

Thanks Harry :) Ok now I feel really retarded haha, I thought they had dampers, but then I was like hmm maybe they dont :) Ok so now it is clear, the dampers on your machine are the same as mine :)
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