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Ink Not Printing Dark Enough

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I'm using Durabrite inks in my C88+ and can't seem to get the print dark enough. Blacks and navy's are not rich and dark enough. Paper is Miracool

I'm printing only on white tees. The print preview in Corel shows the true color, as does the preview in the Epson printer software. I have one last preview that appears in Epson printer software - this is the one that allows me to delete pages, but the color always looks lighter than the other two previews.
The setting on the Epson are +5 Cyan +5 Magenta and -15 on Yellow.

Thanks for you help
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how does it look after you print it out and also after you print it on a shirt ?
Colors will always appear a bit muted on the transfer papers, but if they're too light after transfering you may have a problem. You might try printing at higher quality (thus, more ink) if you're not already - say, 720dpi instead of 360dpi.

I've also heard that while MiraCool has an incredibly soft hand, the colors aren't as vibrant as you'll get with the Transjet II/Magic Jet. Might give that paper a try as well to compare.
Yes, trying to increase the DPI resolution will increase the amount of color on the transfer sheet. Also you can run the transfer through the printer more than once to increase the color as well, it's a little trick that I have seen other companies do.
Thanks for the advice- I'm using Mira Cool and the colors are vibrant,but at times the black is les than par so I'll try increasing the DPI.

Yesterday I did a batch with black and got symetrical dotted lines running vertically down the paper. When printing on plain paper, this didn't occur. I did a very repetitive cleaning with my Epson C88+ and a new cartridge,but still no improvement.

Any ideas why?


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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