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ink not passing through on edges of screen, then blotting up

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Hello all. I am very new to the screen printing world. Currently, I am using a YUDU machine to do my printing. I plan to upgrade soon to a regular printing press but for now I'm trying to iron out a few problems. My issue is this: I'm trying to print a simple picture with words and the ink isn't passing through my 220 screen around the edges. When, I go over it several times to try to pass the ink, it then blots up and comes out thick and outside the lines where it's supposed to stay. I've tried several screens and I just can't figure it out. I'm really depending on you experts out there to help me out with this one. P.S...this is my very first post :) Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to screen printing business.

Usually white ink will have a hard time going thru a high mesh screen.

You might have to shrink the design a little to get a good solid print, also with big design i usually go from the side to print it.

And also look on youtube.. you could find some printing videos to help you to.

The lower the number on the screen the more ink will go through. Lower the number the less detail the screen will hold.
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Thanks! I didn't know that you could print from the side. I will try that. Also, I have tried a 110 screen and it kept printing ghost images. That's why I tried a 220 screen. I will try printing from the side though. Thanks again!
It might be also not enough adhesive on the pallet, will make the shirt lift. I use 3m 77 adhesive.

And check to see if the pallet is level with the screen, if the pallet or screen is warp it will not give you a even print, so to offset it you will have to add pressure to the area when you print .

Good Luck
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