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ink magment

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ok so i wanted to screen print so i bought a single color press and some screens had a company make my frist screen and i tryed to print on it to my suprise it worked i cured the ink with a flash dryer that worked well to then i bought a exposure unit the kind thats made out of pvc pipe and a 500 watt light and tryed to make screens made a couple of screens and guess what... it worked my screens worked i was very suprised becasue i am makeing screens in a bathroom at night ! so just about every thing has gone right except for ink my question is does any one have any ink magment tips you see my only problem is clean up and i get ink every wear im printing on atable top press does any one have any tips ?:confused:
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Can you try again to tell us what you are trying to ask, only this time use some periods?

What is a magment?

Attention to detail is very important.
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I think he's trying to say "ink management". Which I assume means he's getting ink all over the place and perhaps wasting much of it, and wants to know how to minimize the mess/loss.

Buy a washout booth and get a hose with a sprayer. Get a scrubber with some ink thinner on it, rub over every inch of your screen, frame and all. Hose it off and then slap it on the drying rack. Wham bam thank you mam.
Be careful! Be extremely cautious with your hands and watch where you put them. Do not stroke all the way to the top of your screen, nor flood all the way to any edge- you will make a mess.
If you are using waterbased inks, we used to use ketchup bottles ( like the ones you used to find in dinners that have the matching mustard ) Put our inks in and put enough on the screen for the prints we where about to do. I dont think it will work with plastisol (think its too thick) and you may want to add a Retarder.

Hope it helps
If you're not already, make sure you scrape out any excess ink with a spatula before you wash the screen out.
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