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Ink Jet Carts, am I the only one?

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Hello everyone,
Recently I purchased
Epson SP1400 Heat Transfer Damper Cart Refillable System

from inkjetcarts.us which was shipped promptly and has come with great customer support/service, thanks Ross. Unfortunately it seems that these inks are not as bright and vibrant as the original Claria Inks from Epson. My first test shirts with the Claria Inks looked outstanding, very bright and vibrant. I do know now that the pigment inks will not be as bright, but it is a huge difference to me. I did receive a ICC Profile from Ross for my printer, which I believe I installed right, but still no noticeable difference. My first question is, is anyone still using the original Claria Inks from Epson, and how is that working out if so? Is there any other Inks I should consider to get nice vibrant colors with long lasting colors?
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The Claria ink as used in the 1400 is dye based. No pigment ink is going to be as bright as the original. There are dye ink sets on e-bay also. The only reason for changing to pigment ink is to do inkjet transfers. God Bless.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the reason for changing to the pigmented inks because of the resin it has to help protect from water and heat. I just had no idea how much of a difference there was. I am doing heat transfers as well. I guess my questions is, what other alternatives do I have while using HEAT TRANSFER, to be able to print long lasting BRIGHT and VIBRANT colors? Or is it the case of "one or the other"?

Also, what is the benefit of doing DTG vs Heat Transfer? Is it to eliminate the heat transfer paper and the feel of the film on the shirt? And will it last as long as a heat transfer paper print? I have seen that a DIY DTG of a Epson 1900 has just been done and it looks awsome. Once those plans are completed I plan on purchasing a brand new Epson 1900 just for that reason. I would like to eliminate heat transfer, well, only if there is a benefit, which I already see one which is cutting out the heat press and transfer paper etc.. I want to first pick up a C88 first though and start from there, Cheers Mates!!
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I have no problem with those pigment transfer inks. You can adjust the settings in the printer.
I agree with David, maybe try setting your saturation a bit higher before printing. I had to do this quite often with my dtg, I would over saturate it by about 5 to 10% to accommodate fading from the heat press.
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