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ink is cracking on screen printed t-shirt and printer says "Its my Designs Fault"

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I recently got some shirts printed in NYC (white design 18x21 on a blk AAA 1701 shirt) and started selling them right away. Then I start getting calls from my customers saying that the shirt's design started cracking after the first wash(some hang dried others used dryers). I then washed one myself and saw that it was true.

I immediately called the printing place and told the owner about my problem. He said to bring one in and I did the next day; once there he looked over the shirt and said that the problem was that my design was to big (WHAT!). I told him that it looks like a curing problem(thanx to the research on this forum) he still insisted that it was the design's fault. He also added that it might be the way the ppl washed their shirts. I told him if that's the case here's a brand new one and wash it yourself. I am now waiting for the result(btw this was yesterday).

I personally think that it was a bad job that they did.
What do you guys/gals think?
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Re: " Its my Designs Fault"

If printed and cured correctly they size of the print should not matter. DO you know what type of ink the printer used?
Re: " Its my Designs Fault"

it has nothing to do with your design. this is simply a curing problem which is really their responsibility since they are the printers.

they should refund your money or offer to print the job again.

you may suggest bringing the shirts back to him and having him run them through his dryer a few times at a very high heat, though it may be too late if he improperly cured the underbase.

your best bet would be to try to get as much of your money back as possible and go find a competent printer!
1) It shouldn't crack if printed and cured properly.

2) If the printer knows that designs he prints of a certain large size will crack (for whatever reason unknown to us), then he shouldn't be accepting those print jobs in the first place

3) I looked at the design, and I don't see anything problematic about that simple white ink on a black garment design.
simple... very simple
ink was not cured properly
there might be a way to save the rest - have him run the leftovers throught the dryer one more time and make sure they are cured properly
Ink needs to hit 320 degrees to cure
Good point on #2 of your post.

What we have here is a guy not wanting to stand behind his work.
There is no excuse except improper curing time and temp on the printers end. Like many have stated you can have the printer re-run them through the dryer and then do another wash test. But i would have him reprint or refund you money. If you run into more problems contact the BBB and see if there have been other complaints and or file a complaint.
Thanx for your help guys.

I spoke to the guy today and he told me that if the shirts weren't cured properly the whole design would be cracked not just certain parts(edges). Basically he's still denying any wrong doing.

Do any of you know any other place in NYC that you can refer me to ?
Again this guy is giving you the run around. How big is his dryer belt and heating element?
He could just be using a flash dryer and is not getting a good overall cure of the ink. You might
try to work with him on it and be further ahead money wise, but any future business should go
somewhere else.
I am also just about to start my own apparel company in NYC, starting off with t-shirts at first. I was wondering if you could give any information about who this 'printer' is? Even what borough the shop is located. I would really hate to accidentally end up taking my business to him and end up dealing with an unfortunate situation similar to yours.

What happened is that your design may have been to big for his heating element. the center cured fine but the edges were at a lower temp. he needs to run through the dryer twice so he can get the full coverage. he knows they are undercured. if he couldnt handle the size print he shouldnt of taken the job. I wouldnt of taken it but If i did there would of been more charges
send him a link to t-shirt forums and tell him to read up, he can use the help. dont let him give you the run arounds. get your money back or have him re-do them the right way
I think that printer is out of business now, the original post was 8 months ago.
ok markel you have to promise no more responding to old threads, and ill promise to read the dates before i answer to them....doh
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