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Hi people. I'm looking for any advice or help people can give me on my troubles.

Recently i have moved my brand away from imprintables to having everything custom made in india. only issue is, there printer doesnt seem to be able to do what i need.

my old print shop had no problems. he told me what plastisol ink to use ect but i keep having the same problem. the samples im getting back from my new supplier the prints all come back the same. they feel real solid, rubbery, almost like a vinyl and i really dont like it. when i compare it to my other prints and prints from other brands it looks and feels so different. i notice with my other prints its almost got a thick rough texture to it.

can anyone think what might be the problem? anything blatently obvious that it could be, like cheap inks or is he just a bad printer.

Any info will be much appreciated, so thanks in advance.

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