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Ink Cracking Before First Wash?

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A customer of mine said that the design on their shirt was cracked when they received it. How is this possible? I understand cracking after the first wash, but he's saying that when they bend the fabric, it starts to crack. I'm using IC inks from Ryonet.

Any insight on this matter?
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If its cracking when they stretch it it's not cured completely, you need to get them back and run them thru the drier again ASAP
If you seriously over cure some inks this will happen--I've seen it on fleece before.
it could be undercuring or it might be from using regular ink on a very stretchy or ribbed shirt(ladies tank tops and ladies fit shirts are stretchy).

Make sure the ink is fully cured. If it's a stretchy shirt or ribbed add some stretch additive to your ink so that it will have room to stretch without cracking.
Get some temp strips as the final required ink cure temp is for the inside of the shirt not the surface.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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