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Ink bleed printing using 430 Clearsoft/Dark

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I've recently purchased some 430 clearsoft/dark paper from Proworld.

When I print an image from my Kodak printer (pigment inks) the black bleeds causing a poorly defined image.

It appears too much ink is on the paper. I've tried changing the settings when printing, from normal to best and then various custom settings, eg t-shirt transfer paper, paper, photo settings. No luck with any of them.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Next step, change printer or paper!

By the way I've use other colour dark transfer paper with success but the quality is dfinately not as good as the clearsoft 430.

thank you for your time.
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Ronnie, definitely sounds like too much ink. Most folks recommend an Epson with pigment inks. An 1100 or 1400 seems to be the most popular.
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