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For sale is my Printa brand infrared-heat convection dryer used for screen printing/silkscreening.

$1400--a deal!
The Dryer is only a couple of years old and has been used around 4 times total. Still in near perfect working condition. Use it when you are screen printing t-shirts and need to cure multiple shirts at a time. Great for screen printing companies or single artist getting into printing - hand painting shirts and other great uses!

I will throw in (for free) a wireless infrared heat thermometer (retail over $100) Here is an official description of the machine:
Legs are disassembled for easier transporting and are simple to reapply. Yes, it has wheels! (I've taped the screws to the bars for you exactly where they go)

FREE PICK-UP or shipping at your expense :D

Here is the official details below:
----Printa---770 Series Conveyor Dryer is a uniquely designed radiant heat conveyor dryer for curing screen-printed textiles such as t-shirts, sweat shirts and more. The infrared heating elements and the doors are height adjustable. The 18" wide X 5' long Teflon mesh belt speed is also adjustable up to 34 feet per minute through the 28" chamber. The unit can be configured with a 1800 watt, 110 V heating element or a 3000 watt, 220 V element. All this provides an exceptional range of curing options in a compact and economical unit.
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