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T-ShirtForums.com is giving away (another) an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet to celebrate reaching over 1,000,000 posts in our online community!

(see how to enter at the bottom of this post)

Check out this cool infographic about our site:​

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T-Shirt Forums

What's T-ShirtForums.com?

If you're new here, T-ShirtForums.com is a friendly online community for the t-shirt industry. Launched in 2005, it's one of the best places on the web to research and share t-shirt information. Apparel decorators and t-shirt buyers are encouraged to participate by asking questions about anything t-shirt related and/or answering questions about their area of t-shirt expertise. It's free to register to post questions and join the discussion!

A Little History...

A couple of weeks ago (November 20, 2011, at 12:18PM California time to be exact...but who's counting ;)) T-Shirt Forums reached a major milestone of over 1 MILLION posts in our online t-shirt community.

Why'd You Put (another) in Parenthesis Above?

To celebrate, I gave away one Kindle Fire in a random drawing that was shown to forum members who were active on the site on the day (and day after) we hit 1,000,000 posts! @splathead was the lucky winner of that drawing! Check out his unboxing photos here.

I also gave away another Kindle Fire in a random drawing for people who were subscribed to, read, and followed a link in the T-ShirtForums Newsletter. @weecelticstar was the lucky winner there.

I intentionally did these contests without major announcements to sort of reward T-Shirt Forums members who were active on the forum and those who took the time to read our newsletter :)

Everyone is invited to join in on this 3rd giveaway! Tell all your friends :)

THANK YOU to our sponsors, but also to EVERYONE here to takes the time to post a question, share their experience, pass on what they've learned, lend an opinion, or just read the great t-shirt information we have here!​

PS. We're also selling our 6th anniversary design contest winning t-shirt to raise money for River City Food Bank in Sacramento, CA. Click here to buy this cool design.

100% ($15 of every $15 t-shirt sale) goes directly to the charity!

Wait! How do I enter the Kinde Fire Giveaway?!

I'm surprised you made it this far down the page :)

There are 5 ways to enter!

First you have to scroll down and click the Facebook like button. Then follow the instructions below:

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