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hi! Im new in the t-shirt business.
Im on the way to make my own brand for tshirts
Im a graphic designer so i can design my stamps, and someday to have my own e-shop.
The problem i have is i want to find with which method tshirt stamp i can have
1. good quality stamps
2. as many colors i want plus gradients and white colour in stamps
3. the stamps to be soft to touch and kind of breathable

please love to have many opinions about the subject
will be the solution of buying the machines to go on.


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1. There are a bunch of different ways to print on t-shirts. When you say "stamps", I believe you are referring to 1 specific type of t-shirt printing called "SCREEN PRINTING"

Read this thread to see all the different kinds of printing.


This forum has different sections for these different types of printing. I suggest browsing some of those forms specifically or searching wikipedia for more basic answers.

If you're screen printing, more colors means more 'stamps' or what are called "Screens". Screens can use 'halftones' ( Halftone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) to create gradients. Generally speaking, more colors = more screens = more money to print.

3. It is the ink that is pressed through the screen (stamp) that makes it soft and breathable. You are looking to use water based inks.

i suggest visiting a 'screen printer' in your area and discussing prices and what sort of format he needs the artwork in. You send him the files, he prints the shirts to your specifications.

good luck.
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