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infants vs toddlers, onsies vs t-shirts? where do we begin?

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Hi all! With the holidays coming up, we were thinking of including some designs for the little ones. We have NO IDEA what people tend to buy, size-wise. Do people tend to buy more for 3-6 months vs. toddler, etc.? Should we start with onsies, or do one of each size up to toddler? Of course, we can't spend a lot of money - was thinking of buying up to 20 to start (American Apparel)....thanks in advance!
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Because 3 of the distributors we use are within 1 shipping transit day of our workshop, when testing out a new style, we simply order 3 or 5 of each size in black and white to start. This will help you to get the jist of what sizes will work best for you.

We actually sell more toddler than infant- we find that most would prefer to buy a larger size and let them grow in to it- especially if the item is a gift.
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