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Inexpensive laminator for a/b step transfer papers?

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I purchased an iColor500 with transfer RIP, more as a hobby than a business but started a small business to go along with it for small word of mouth type sales. Obviously, also purchased a basic heat press. I’d like to do more with a/b premium papers but have found my results are inconsistent with making the sheet to transfer using the press. Using iColor 2 step premium, pressing at 250 for 30 seconds and peeling on the platter while hot. Sometimes the image transfers to the B sheet beautifully, other times not so much. LOVE the results of this product once I get the image on the B sheet, but I’m finding a lot of waste, which given that the combo is about $4/set it’s killing me...anyone with advice on how to get more consistent results?

Otherwise, would the purchase of a hot laminator to prepare the transfers be worth while? Any suggestions on a reasonably priced one?

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Have you tried using the Forever LaserDark A/B?
Completely unfamiliar with the icolor paper that you're referencing but looked it up and, wow, expensive!!

As mentioned in the previous post, try a sample of the Forever Low Temp. "Much" less pricy and personally, I've never had need for a laminator.
We make transfers with a film to replace there A paper and it works great.
We don,t use toners for the color because it cracks after washed and dried.
I was having an issue and it turns out it was my (cheap) heatpress. It doesn't have even pressure and the edges were having inconsistent results. Have you tested the pressure of different parts of your heat press? Here's a copy/paste of the steps that were given to me.

To check the surface:
1) Let the press heat up to target temp.
2) Use a straight edge preferably a steel ruler.
3) Use a silicon oven glove to prevent getting burned.
4) Put the ruler with edge touching the platen.
5) Repeat checking all the surface areas.
6) You should not see daylight between the ruler edge and the platen.

Another issue could be uneven pressure. Use a so called dollar bill pull test.
1) Place a piece of paper or a brand new dollar bill in one edge or corner.
2) Clamp then press.
3) Adjust pressure just enough so the paper does not pull off and tear when tugged.
4) Open the press.
5) Move the paper to different areas.
6) Clamp the press.
7) Tug the paper.
8) If the paper pulls out without tearing the pressure is uneven.

Checking for cold spot.
1) Use temp test strip.
2) Clamp test strip in different ares especially suspected area.
3) The test strip color should be same for all the test.

This may help:
1) Press the transfers with half (45s) the required duration.
2) Open the press.
3) Rotate the transfers 180 degrees.
4) Press the transfers with other half (45s) of duration.
5) Open the press.
6) As suggested in the other post rub the transfers with dark cloth or eraser for few seconds.
7) Peel with one smooth speed.
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