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Inbox Size - Every get bigger than 5?

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Inbox Size - Ever get bigger than 5?

If the answer is posted somewhere else I apologize, i did search and look around and read through the rules.

My inbox for private messaging is set to 5 max, does this increase at all over time? Just seems really low, someone sends me a message with good info I pretty much have to copy and paste it to word or notes because I need to delete the message in order to get new ones.

Just wondering, thanks
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I'm wondering the same thing. I got an email saying I had reached my private message quota and that I should consider deleting or archiving some. I don't want to delete them because you can't see the history of the conversation and I can't figure out how to archive them.
It also says that the more you contribute to the forum the bigger your inbox will get.
It automatically increases in time as you become more active in the forums :)

The small minimum to start with helps to keep down on scams and spammers that try to operate behind the scenes.
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Thanks for the response.
I appreciate your efforts to reign in spam.
The thing is I've already struck up conversations with 2 people and I'm having to delete portions of our conversations just to continue chatting with them.
5 messages goes by really quick!
I've been posting so hopefully I'll get more space soon.
So I've been trying to participate in this forum but 2 of the topics I tried to post last week still have not shown up. I wrote Rodney and the general moderator address and haven't heard back from either. I don't understand how I'm supposed to be a participant in this community if I have no mailbox space and no ability to post and no feedback regarding why. Any help would be appreciated.
What are the areas you have posted in? Could I have a possible have a link to them?

~ GP community support
Thank you for the response - I tried to post in Heat Presses - Equipment and in Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers.
I don't have links - is there somewhere I can see my pending posts?
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