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In the Bay area

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Hello.I am a screen printer experienced in different types of applications using large format,ink additives,multi color cold peel transfer,foil transfer,capilary film,water based,color process,plastisol, and plasticharge.I work in a private studio in San Francisco,Ca. We have a buissness lic. and a seller's permit,and I have been printing for ten years.I have been working for my current boss for almost one year now.We use mainly an OK 6 head press,and a 4 color Hopkins poster press.Work for me these days is pretty slow,and I've been looking for work to bring in the studio,or get another job.I am seeking partnership with someone who does marketing,and has a flow of work needed to be done, or I am also willing to relocate to anywhere for work,and even help someone start thier buissness.My prices are very competitive.I do very good work.If anyone out there is interested, please contact me.You can come meet me,and ask any question.Thank you.
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Hey Hugh, Good luck, hope it picks up. Welcome aboard!!!
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